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Once again my work as a prog writer puts me in the enjoyable position of being able to present terrific new music to the North American audience. In the same way that a friend might play me some new music that give me pause to say ‘wow, who is that?’, I hope my readers can appreciate that I hope to do the same.  
Having said that, Chilean sextet Aisles is one of the most accomplished groups to cross my desk in quite some time, and their latest - the double concept album “Hawaii” is simply exceptional. The story of “Hawaii” is not so much a linear story, but a collection of compositions based on the experiences of those who survive the destruction of Earth on galactic human colonies.  
As you can imagine, the story is told with a healthy dose of atmospheric instrumentals, a bit of psychedelia and sound effects, all supported by a solid backdrop of imaginative storytelling and superb musicianship. Although the concept of the story is tragic, all is not gloom and doom. In fact, a bit of humor finds its’ way into the album with a brief snippet of the characters wishing they could find a good beer like they used to get back on earth. If the human race does abandon the planet, a source of good beer is one contingency that needs to be accounted for! 
It’s difficult to single out individual players, but the unique guitar work reminiscent of Steve Rothery and Adrian Belew drives much of album. Along with the subtle rhythm section and tasteful keyboard work, the band’s sound also allows ample space for top notch instrumentals from all. The effect is along the lines of Marillion and Porcupine Tree, with a fair bit of Rush influences thrown in for good measure. 

In spite of being only their fourth release, “Hawaii” is a great work by a group with a history going back a decade, and their experience and abilities shine throughout. Aisles may already be one of Chile’s finest progressive groups, but I believe “Hawaii” should place them on the road to the larger world stage. Highly recommended!  
Sebastián Vergara: lead vocals. 

Germán Vergara: guitars, vocals, keyboards. 

Rodrigo Sepúlveda: guitars, vocals. 

Daniel Baird-Kerr: bass. 

Felipe Candia Bass: drums, percussion. 

Juan Pablo Gaete: keyboards 

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